Aging New Yorkers

Aging New Yorkers face unacceptable burdens. They struggle to afford housing, food, medication, heating, and other basic needs. They’re threatened with fraud and sexual and physical abuse. Too often, they’re lonely. We need to revamp our policy on aging to address foundational issues faced by older New Yorkers in our district and across our state. Aging New Yorkers deserve to live in comfort and dignity.






  • Ensure Access to Affordable Housing

    • Close loopholes — including preferential rate increases, eviction bonuses, and vacancy decontrol — that allow landlords to increase rent and contribute to the loss of rent-stabilized units.

    • Provide housing support to older New Yorkers so they can receive the help they need to stay in their homes before it’s too late.  

    • Expand Mayor de Blasio’s proposed 2.5 percent mansion tax on home sales over $2 million throughout the state to support affordable housing programs for older New Yorkers.

  • Improve Healthcare

    • Pass the New York Health Act to create a single-payer healthcare system. This will lower costs for the vast majority of New Yorkers.

    • Increase transparency and oversight of Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) programs.

    • Pass the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act to ensure that hospitals and assisted care facilities are well staffed.

    • Prohibit companies from raising the price of lifesaving drugs in limited supply.

  • Increase the number of resident service coordinators who help older New Yorkers connect to community resources, government benefits, and other services.

  • Improve Adult Protective Services’ response to elder abuse.
  • Make long-term care more affordable, including expanding the state tax credit for premiums on long term care policies. Currently this credit only covers 20% of premiums.