March 19, 2018: "To keep all my supporters -- and those who do not yet know me well -- in the loop, I have decided to write a campaign blog with a run-down of my weekly activities."

It’s been wonderful meeting so many of the constituents of District 34!

Although it’s only the middle of March, I have already had a number of incredible experiences.

To keep all my supporters -- and those who do not yet know me well -- in the loop, I have decided to write a campaign blog with a run-down of my weekly activities. I invite readers to email questions that you may have to I hope to address some of them in this ongoing campaign diary.

Key to my efforts in learning about the concerns of the district, is to make sure that communication is flowing both ways.

                                                        *                    *                    *

It seems that every week is destined to be jam packed. I have been talking and listening to a wide range of people. On March 4, I was part of an event with the full slate of candidates who are challenging the incumbent IDC State Senators.

This past weekend, I started the day by taking part in the Throggs Neck St. Patrick's Day Parade! Then it was on to the monthly General Meeting of NYCD16 Indivisible.

I explained to those gathered that I am running against the founder and originator of the IDC, a group of breakaway Democrats who are caucusing with the Republicans in Albany. People are still learning about who and what the IDC is and why they are preventing progressive legislation in Albany. A perfect example is the Reproductive Health Act, still pending throughout ten legislative sessions.

I have been told that I shouldn’t run. That I should, “Sit down and wait my turn.”

But it’s time for someone to stand up and tell Jeff Klein and the IDC that that you can’t say yes to issues while you are on home turf, and then go against your electorate in Albany.

One member of the audience asked me what my strategy was. I told her, “People. I understand the currency of people over money.”

It’s true that Klein has a war chest of money from special interests, but that is not intimidating me.

About an hour after talking to the large gathering of NYCD16, I went to Pelham for a house party in my honor. People are getting their friends together to hear about my goals and the changes that I want to bring to Albany.

It was quite special to have Amy Siskind present as a guest. She has been a mentor, and is now on the national landscape for her work keeping track of how the fabric of our country has changed since Trump took office. She discussed her new book, The List, which recounts every egregious action taken by Trump since his inauguration.

AB Fundraiser photo.jpg

One of the key points I discussed, was the importance of the hyperlocal race. People think New York is progressive, but it isn’t -- not as long as the Republicans and the IDC run the State Senate.

This is a unique time in our country. I get up every day filled with enthusiasm about the opportunity to make a difference.

Until next week…