April 11, 2018: "The days of Albany’s party machinery are over."

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It was a jam-packed, watershed week.

My opponent agreed to relinquish his stranglehold on the New York State Senate Democrats by calling an end to the IDC’s party of eight.

These “Democrats” were caucusing with the Republicans and preventing progressive legislation from reaching the Senate floor.

Now, the rogue Democrats say they will reunite with the true Democrats under the leadership of Andrea Stewart-Cousins -- who had been pushed aside into the role of minority leader.

It seems very straightforward. The media has drilled down on the previous false promises and reassurances from the IDC. The IDC members hope this is the end of the story.

It’s not.

That’s why I joined with the other IDC challengers at Foley Square in Manhattan for the Make NY True Blue rally. The days of Albany’s party machinery are over. 

The writing is on the wall. New York voters are no longer buying the IDC sham. They are marching forward to reform our government. The movement toward transparency and equity for all state residents has changed the balance of power.

On Sunday I was among the huge crowd that filled the White Plains Presbyterian Church to hear Attorney General Eric Schneiderman speak. He emphasized that, as Americans and New Yorkers, we are “battling for our future.”

And he added: “We have to model smart progressive government starting at the state level.” That is one of my campaign’s focal points.

Until next week …