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Economic Development, Jobs and Workers’ Rights

New York should lead the nation in economic growth. We need to create jobs by courting the next wave of massive industries like biotech, drones and personalized healthcare, protect workers’ rights, improve transit systems (especially the MTA), and upgrade our economy’s resilience to climate change. And we must tackle the rampant economic inequality in our state, protect our unions and the rights of workers.






  • Pass the SALT Relief Bill to provide relief to middle-class families who will be adversely affected by the new federal tax bill.
  • Eliminate the tipped minimum wage in favor of a single minimum wage. The tipped minimum wage is an issue of gender inequality — 70 percent of tipped workers in New York are women. These workers often have to put up with harassment because they rely on tips.
  • Streamline the dues and deduction authorization process for public sector unions to provide a uniform process for all individuals who want to join.

  • Establish wage and labor standards for contracted transportation services workers who often face poor pay and bad conditions.

  • Guarantee sick days off for workers who do not have paid time off.

  • Expand access to child care including expanding subsidized child care and helping school districts expand to full-day kindergarten programs.

  • Require businesses in New York that are registered with the Department of State to have a set policy on handling reports of sexual assault or harassment.

  • Pass the New York State Fair Pay Act, which makes it unlawful to pay different wages to employees doing the same job on the basis of sex, race, or national origin.

  • Maintain high taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers and aim to recapture lost funding to the state through federal programs as a result of the new tax law.

  • Support minority- and women-owned businesses.

  • Pass the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act.

  • Make non-compete clauses unenforceable to increase worker mobility.