All of our children must be fully prepared for the world they will enter after graduation. We need to modernize curricula and give public schools the resources they need to create the best learning environment. We must give our public schools the full funding they are owed under New York law — including the $88 million our district’s schools are owed — and stop siphoning funding for privately run charter schools. We need to modernize our education system with strong STEM programs and encourage teachers to practice culturally responsive pedagogy.




  • New York State owes its schools more than $4 billion in public school funding under the Foundation Aid Formula.
  • Our district is owed more than $88 million, according to the Alliance for Quality Education.
  • The high school graduation rate in the Bronx is consistently lower than New York City’s rate. Only 66% of students in the class of 2017 graduated in the Bronx.


  • Fully fund New York schools based on commitments made under the Fair Funding Formula.

  • Ensure that New York students receive high-quality STEM education, including computer science, and have access to arts and physical education. We also must make sure that our curriculum is inclusive.

  • Improve access to special education to ensure that every child in New York receives an appropriate education.  

  • End the school-to-prison pipeline by employing restorative justice techniques in schools.

  • Extend mayoral control of New York City schools, without increasing the cap on charter schools when it comes up next summer. It is vital that New York City’s mayor has control over city schools. This creates a clear line of accountability, allows city-wide initiatives, such as expanding access to early childhood education, and creates administrative continuity.

  • Ensure that all children have access to early childhood education and full-day kindergarten.

  • Expand financial literacy education to give students the tools to succeed, whether they go to a four-year college or not.

  • Increase funding for SUNY and CUNY schools to allow students in New York to continue accessing high-quality, affordable higher education.

  • Establish a living wage for adjunct faculty at SUNY, CUNY, and community colleges.

  • Pass the DREAM Act to make it easier for undocumented and immigrant students to go to college.