Gun Safety

As politicians in Washington abdicate their responsibility, it is up to us to act. New York families deserve to be free from the epidemic of gun violence that threatens our schools, homes, and communities every day.

We must follow the courageous leadership of the next generation and enact common-sense gun reform measures in New York State. We must protect and strengthen the SAFE Act, pass an Extended Risk Protection Order law, and support research on gun violence.




  • An average of 432 people are killed in gun-related homicides each year, and 473 die in gun-related suicides.

  • Gun violence costs New York State more than $2 billion every year.

  • Every 16 hours, a woman in America is shot by a current or former romantic partner.


  • Strengthen and protect the SAFE Act, including fully funding the ammunition database and expanding safe-storage requirements.
  • Pass an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law which would allow courts to remove firearms from individuals deemed a danger to themselves or their communities. This will be an important tool for preventing domestic violence. It allows anyone threatened by a romantic partner to ask authorities to take away that person’s firearms. Current law allows the seizure of firearms only after someone is convicted of domestic violence — and we all know that’s way too late.
  • Fund gun violence prevention research.
  • Extend the window for the FBI to complete a background check to 10 business days.
  • Ban bump stocks.
  • Prohibit individuals who have been convicted of hate crimes from purchasing firearms.
  • Prohibit teachers from carrying arms.
  • Pass the Iron Pipeline Bill which would require law enforcement agencies to publish information about the origin of guns used in crimes in New York State on their website.