Healthcare is a human right. Every New Yorker deserves affordable, quality healthcare. Although the Affordable Care Act has allowed us to make tremendous gains nationally, New York state can and should do more to expand coverage and decrease costs. We must work toward implementing an effective single-payer healthcare system in New York.






  • Pass the New York Health Act which would create a single-payer healthcare system in New York. This would create a universal public plan that covers all medically necessary services, including dental, vision, and mental health care. New Yorkers would be charged based on their ability to pay, and 98% of people would see lower premiums. Alessandra supports adding coverage for long-term care to the New York Health Act.

  • Support and protect the Affordable Care Act in New York State, including maintaining its consumer protections and fully funding New York’s Navigator and Community Health Advocates programs, which help businesses and individuals enroll in state marketplaces.

  • Maintain current funding for Medicaid and New York’s Essential Plan and help families who fall just above the income requirements pay their deductibles.

  • Guarantee Medicaid coverage for eligible New Yorkers regardless of their immigration status.  

  • Ensure adequate funding for public hospitals or “safety net hospitals” that serve largely uninsured and underinsured New Yorkers.

  • Expand New York’s Child Health Plus program (CHPlus) to cover all New Yorkers up to age 29 whose incomes are up to 400 percent of the federal poverty line, regardless of their immigration status.

  • Pass the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act.

  • Prohibit companies from raising the price of lifesaving drugs in limited supply.

  • Pass Reproductive Health Act which would guarantee access to safe and legal abortion in New York even as Roe v. Wade is threatened nationally.

  • Create safe injection sites to reduce opioid overdose deaths and offer referrals for treatment and job training.

  • Expand access to medical marijuana including New Yorkers addicted to opiods.

  • Pass the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act to give all women in New York access to all kinds of birth control.

  • Make long-term care more affordable, including expanding the state tax credit for premiums on long term care policies. Currently this credit only covers 20% of premiums.

  • Pass S. 8907 to create maternal mortality review boards and an advisory council to make sure our state is actively collecting data about pregnancy and childbirth related deaths and responding to the maternal mortality crisis.