Immigrants and their families are one of the pillars of our vibrant communities and a strong force for economic growth in our state. We must do everything we can to protect immigrants from the ongoing attacks of the Trump administration. We must pass the DREAM Act and the Liberty Act.






  • Pass the DREAM Act which would make it easier for undocumented students to go to college by ensuring access to financial aid and support.

  • Pass the Liberty Act to limit collaboration between state agencies and federal immigration authorities. Under this bill New Yorkers won’t have to worry about being questioned about their immigration status when they access local or state benefits.

  • Pass Driver’s Licenses for All, which would allow New Yorkers, regardless of their immigration status, to obtain driver's licenses.

  • Pass the Reuniting Families Act which would make it easier for New York State to keep families together and children out of the welfare system during immigration proceedings.

  • Limit ICE’s presence in courts, hospitals, and houses of worship to prevent immigration arrests in places where people congregate. The state should prevent civil arrests. except in cases where arresting officers have a warrant.

  • Protect immigrants who are victims of domestic violence from having to disclose their immigration status.

  • Reduce the maximum sentence for misdemeanor offenses from one year to 364 days. This one-day reduction will reduce the number of immigrants who face deportation proceedings, which are often triggered by a one-year sentence, even for misdemeanors.

  • Prevent local or state agencies from creating any kind of registry based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

  • Pass the Separation of Children and Accountability Act (SCAR) to help hold the federal government accountable for reuniting all children separated from their families at the border. This bill would require all in-state detention centers to release information to the state and public on the number of children in detention and their status.