We need to be thoughtful and aggressive in establishing New York state as a leader in modern economic development. This means making sure our regional transit systems (especially the MTA) run smoothly, courting the next wave of massive industries like biotech, drones, and personalized healthcare, and upgrading our economy to be increasingly resilient as the effects of climate change become more and more pronounced.

We must pass the Climate and Community Protection Act.

boost New York's economy.

We need to be on the forefront of women’s issues by protecting reproductive rights, ensuring access to affordable health care, child care, and elderly care, new protections against sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, and establishing pay & leave equity.

We must pass the Reproductive Healthcare Act and the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act.

DEFEND & ADVANCE women’s rights.

We need to make sure that all of our children are fully prepared for the world they are growing up in, which means we need to include new elements of curriculum in our schools, and make sure that public schools have the resources they need to provide the best environment for our children.

We must give our public schools the full funding that they are owed by New York law.

Modernize our education system.

Fortify our democracy.

We need to invest in strengthening our democracy. This means protecting voting rights and election infrastructure, and furthering efforts to ensure transparency and financing of campaigns and legislative activity.

We must pass the Fair Elections Act.

Protect immigrant families in New York.

Immigrants and their families are one of the core pillars of vibrant communities, as well as strong force for economic growth and contribution in our state. We must defend the constitutional rights of immigrant communities and families in New York.

We must pass the DREAM Act and the Liberty Act.

Champion tenants & affordable housing.

We need to make sure that our renters’ rights are protected, and that there is enough affordable housing in the district for young families to build their futures here, so that our economy continues to boom for decades to come, and we maintain our a diverse, vibrant community.

We must close the loopholes that currently allow landlords to hike rents on families working to establish long-term roots in our communities.