Senator-Elect Biaggi Statement on Proposed Amazon Deal

Senator-elect Alessandra Biaggi issued the following statement on the proposed deal between New York and Amazon:

"We need to be clear on what’s good and what’s not in the proposed Amazon deal. 25,000 well-paying high tech jobs can and should be a good thing, helping to build New York’s leading role in the future economy. But Amazon is coming here because we have a core of skilled workers. Government’s job should not be trying to bribe individual companies with subsidies, but making the investments only government can make to ensure New York is the place where companies and skilled workers want and need to be. That means ensuring we have the best education for all our children, both so our residents are the skilled workers companies need and so skilled workers are confident their children can follow in their footsteps. It means creating more affordable housing so workers at all levels can actually live here. And it means investing in a working and extensive mass transit system, without which the metropolitan area simply can’t operate. Those investments will pay off in lots of companies coming to and growing in New York."

Alessandra Biaggi