Statement from Alessandra Biaggi on the Dissolution of the Independent Democratic Conference

The Blue Wave just sank the IDC.

After seven long years, Jeff Klein got his hand caught in the cookie jar, being exposed for trading away control of the State Senate to the GOP in exchange for ‘lulus’ and larger offices, sacrificing issues that progressive voters across New York care deeply about.

Just five days ago, Jeff Klein once again was one of four men in the room negotiating a budget that failed to include agreements on the DREAM Act and the Liberty Act, the NY Health Act with single-payer health insurance, the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, and did nothing to move forward on voting reform or campaign finance reform.

And despite repeated calls from women and advocates across New York, Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins was excluded from the rewriting of New York’s sexual harassment policy.

It is obvious that Klein and the IDC made this decision, not because they care about advancing progressive legislation, but simply because they are afraid of losing their jobs. The timing of this reunification is a clear sign that the IDC members have felt the heat of the anti-IDC movement and the candidates challenging them. To the organizers and voters who have put so many hours into our efforts - it is working. Keep it up.

And to Senator Klein: Seven years of handing the Republicans control of the State Senate cannot be taken back now that the people have realized what you’ve done. I’m confident those seven years will not be forgotten by Democrats in the Bronx and Westchester in the primary election on Thursday, September 13th.

Alessandra Biaggi