Biaggi Campaign Finance Filing Shows Strong Grassroots Support

Alessandra Biaggi, candidate for State Senate in District 34, raised a total of about $260,000, including individual cash donations of more than $220,000 from 3,169 unique individuals, according to her filing yesterday with the State Board of Elections. The average individual contribution was about $70. Biaggi reported expenses of just over $50,000 for the period.

“I'm grateful to everyone who contributed to help work for a true-blue progressive Democratic State Senate that will fight for health care, affordable housing, women's reproductive rights, access to college education, ethics in government and all the other issues held up by Republican control. With broad, grassroots support, we can win,” Biaggi said.

That compares with her opponent Jeff Klein, who got more than 80% of his contributions from corporations, LLCs and PACs. He received only $95,740 from 123 individuals, an average contribution of $778, during the same period. Klein filed four reports during the period, which included expenses of more than $600,000. Klein also took $200,000 from four questionable transfers from the Senate Independence Campaign Committee starting in February of this year.

New York Post, June 7, Klein, Independence Party violated campaign finance rules: judge.

State Sen. Jeff Klein and the state Independence Party created an illegal fundraising committee that was used to circumvent contribution and spending limits, a state judge ruled on Thursday. Albany Supreme Court Justice Kimberly O’Connor said the scheme allowed for the formation of the Senate Independence Campaign Committee within the Independence Party specifically to help elect Democrats in the state Senate allied with both Republicans and the third party.

New York Post, July 17, Donations to rogue Democrats may have been illegal: Board of Elections Investigator.

But Board of Elections enforcement counsel Risa Sugarman said a large portion of those donations were made before the Senate Independence Campaign Committee reconstituted itself with new leadership on April 24 to comply with the law, and therefore violate contribution limits of $7,000 to a candidate for a primary and $11,000 for a general election, or a total of $18,000. “They are way over the contribution limits,” said Sugarman, who reviewed the donations.

Alessandra Biaggi