Lisa Copeland, President Of The Mt. Vernon City Council, Endorses Alessandra Biaggi For State Senate

Lisa Copeland, President of the Mt. Vernon City Council, has endorsed Alessandra Biaggi for State Senate in District 34 in the Democratic primary on Thursday, September 13.

“I am proud this election cycle to be supporting Alessandra Biaggi in the 34th State Senatorial district,” Council President Copeland said. “I believe the district needs a fresh face and voice. The most important reason for my support is that I trust that she will stay with the mainstream Democrats and Andrea Stewart Cousins regardless of the outcome of the November elections. Alessandra has the experience and the passion to serve us well. ‘When people who you who they are, believe them,’ Maya Angelou said. I hope my friends in Mt. Vernon, Pelham Manor and the Bronx will do the same on THURSDAY, September 13 primary election day.”

“It means a great deal when a woman who has served her community and her state for more than 20 years and who is now a leader in her town gives you her support,” Biaggi said. “I am very grateful to be endorsed by Lisa Copeland, the City Council President of Mount Vernon. I look forward to using my position in the Senate to support her work building a better Mount Vernon.”

Alessandra Biaggi