Zephyr Teachout Endorses Alessandra Biaggi For State Senate

Zephyr Teachout, candidate for New York State Attorney General, is endorsing Alessandra Biaggi for State Senate in District 34 in the Democratic primary on Thursday, September 13.

"I am so proud to endorse Alessandra Biaggi for State Senate,” Teachout said. “She is going after the head and the heart of the corrupt IDC, Jeff Klein, and is standing up against the corruption and old-boys network that has plagued Albany for too long. Alessandra is a true champion for transparency and accountability, and is unafraid, smart and hardworking. She will be an excellent representative for her community in the Bronx." 

“Zephyr Teachout is a leader of the fight against corruption and politics as usual,” Biaggi said. “I am honored by her endorsement and look forward to working with her to pass ethics reforms and to remove the many barriers that make it hard to vote in New York and reduce turnout.”

Alessandra Biaggi