NOW New York Endorses Pro-Women’s Rights Candidates in Key State Legislative Races

Organization Releases Voter Guide in Lead Up to September 13th Primary

The National Organization for Women – New York (NOW New York) announced endorsements for State Senate and Assembly races across New York State.  The organization had announced its endorsements of Governor Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul earlier this year, citing their progressive achievements on same sex-marriage, paid family leave, protecting trafficking victims, ending child marriage, making college affordable, and raising the minimum wage in our state. Reviewing candidates records and commitments on reproductive rights, income inequality, and ending violence and discrimination against women and girls, NOW New York is proud to champion these candidates for elected office.

“It’s an incredible time to see the political awakening emerging at the local level and at kitchen tables around our state. There are so many women candidates who have stepped out with urgency to challenge the status quo. It is an energizing counterweight to the politics of division and fear we are experiencing at the federal level,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women – NY.  “The ballot box is where our power lies to defend our democracy and civil rights and to win new critical victories for women. NOW-NY is proud to get behind some of our experienced stalwart defenders of women’s rights as well as a significant number of tenacious new candidates who we trust to stand up for our values.”

NOW New York has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Andrew Cuomo for Governor

  • Kathy Hochul for Lieutenant Governor

  • Anna Kaplan for State Senate District 7

  • Jessica Ramos for State Senate District 13

  • Andrew Gounardes for State Senate District 22

  • Alessandra Biaggi for State Senate District 34

  • Andrea Stewart-Cousins for State Senate District 35

  • Julie Goldberg for State Senate District 38

  • John Mannion for State Senate District 50

  • David Valesky for State Senate District 53

  • Melissa Sklarz for Assembly District 30

  • Keith Batman for Assembly District 126

  • Pamela Hunter for Assembly District 128

  • Bill Magnarelli for Assembly District 129

"Women across the country have heard the call to run for office and I am proud to be among them in my campaign for State Senate," Anna Kaplan, Democratic Candidate for New York’s 7th Senate District said. "We are in a crucial time for women in the State of New York and we need to hold elected officials accountable for failing to act in the best interest of the State by passing gun violence prevention laws and finally codifying Roe v. Wade into our State Constitution. The time to act is now and I am so proud and grateful to NOW- New York for endorsing me and trusting that I am the best candidate for the women of Long Island."

“The National Organization for Women is a leader in the fight to give every woman control over their own body, and I'm honored to receive their endorsement," said Democratic State Senate Candidate for NY-13 Jessica Ramos. “With a sexist in the White House intent on overturning Roe v. Wade, and anti-choice judge Brett Kavanaugh steps away from the Supreme Court, we need strong Democrats in the State Senate to protect women’s rights. In Albany, I will fight to pass the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act and the Reproductive Health Act, so that women across New York will always have the right to control their reproductive health.”

"I'm honored to be endorsed by NOW-NYC, a long-time leader in fighting for women's rights," said Democratic State Senate Candidate for NY-34 Alessandra Biaggi said. "I pledge to work with NOW and other women's organizations to fight in Albany to protect women's reproductive rights, access to family planning, healthcare for all, childcare, full funding for education, campaign finance reform and the entire progressive agenda."

 “It is truly an honor to be endorsed by NOW-NYC, which has been on the front lines defending our rights and breaking down barriers for women and girls,” said Democratic State Assembly Candidate for NY-30 Melissa Sklarz. "Unlike my opponent, who voted against the Reproductive Health Act twice, I understand that reproductive rights and abortion access are non-negotiable. At a time when our rights are under attack at the federal level, I’m ready to work with Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in Albany to protect the rights of women in our state.”

“The time is well past for us to recognize, not only in policy but in action, the disparate realities in pay, protection, and overall equity for women. We must work to address these issues in a meaningful way for all people regardless of gender or membership in a class, group or community. I am committed to treating all people with respect and am honored by the endorsement of the National Organization of Women,” said Democratic State Assembly Candidate for NY-126 Keith Batman. 

The National Organization for Women - New York (NOW New York) advocates for women and girls across our state by working to defend reproductive rights, fight economic inequality, and end discrimination and violence against women.

Alessandra Biaggi