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After years of deferred maintenance and growing ridership, New York City’s subway system is falling apart, with constant delays and cancellations. Local and regional transit is the connective tissue that allows New Yorkers to earn their livelihoods and enjoy a high quality of life. We must prioritize transit as a strategic investment in keeping our state competitive and functional. We should implement congestion pricing and other measures to revitalize the MTA and make long-term, strategic investments in New York State’s transportation infrastructure.






  • Create new revenue sources to fund investment in public transit, especially the MTA. This includes implementing congestion pricing to create a sustainable revenue stream and decrease traffic in New York City, and creating a millionaires tax and a tax on real estate that benefits from transportation improvements.

  • Modernize and expand the bus system in New York City.

  • Provide half-price MetroCards to low-income New Yorkers.

  • Improve street safety, including Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign; increase the number of speed safety cameras allowed in NYC, especially in school zones; raise penalties for hit-and-run incidents to eliminate the incentive for drivers to leave crash scenes; and add bicycle and pedestrian safety to driver education programs.

  • Prioritize expanding accessibility in subway stations.

  • Invest in high-speed rail.

  • Legalize pedal-assist electric bikes.

  • Prohibit funds designated for transportation from being used for other projects.