women's Issues

New York State should be on the forefront of women’s issues. We must protect reproductive rights, ensure access to affordable health care, child care, and elder care, and stand against sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, and domestic violence. We must expand paid sick leave and work toward pay equity for all women.




  • Women in New York earn 89 cents, on average, for every dollar men earn.
  • For women of color, that gap is much larger: African-American women earn 66 cents and Latinas earn 56 cents for every dollar earned by white non-Hispanic males (National Partnership for Women & Families).



  • Pass the Reproductive Health Act, which would guarantee access to safe and legal abortion in New York no matter what happens nationally.

  • Pass the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act to give all women in New York access to all forms of birth control.

  • Reform how sexual harassment claims are reported and investigated. This includes creating uniform sexual harassment policies across state government, preventing state officials from using tax dollars to settle sexual harassment or assault claims, and prohibiting confidentiality agreements related to sexual harassment or assault unless it is the express wish of the victim.

  • Pass the New York State Fair Pay Act which would establish that it is discrimination and unlawful to pay different wages to employees doing the same job on the basis of sex, race, or national origin. The bill would protect workers who want to ensure that they are being paid fairly, including prohibiting employers from taking action against employees who discuss their wages.

  • Ban employers from asking about salary history which contributes to the gender pay gap.

  • Ensure that workers have access sick days or paid time off.

  • Expand access to child care, including providing more subsidized child care and helping districts expand to full-day kindergarten programs.